2018 ICO Watch List

If you cerebrated the incredible crazy, sexy rise of bitcoin, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for 2018 cause you haven't seen nothing yet. 

The following are the top suggested altcoins to watch by leading financial experts for 2018.
LucisDollar is a new cryptocurrency which aims to become both the industry standard as a store of value, as well as the elite transactional currency in the space.

BankCoin is a blockchain-based payment system aims to lower financial inclusion obstacles and provide financial services for the banked and unbanked. Therefore, our vision is to build the revolutionary and comprehensive banking platform for all users worldwide.


By providing fundamental building blocks for developers to create groundbreaking applications, and an intuitive interface for users to access these functionalities, we aim to provide a comprehensive foundation for the future of blockchain technology.


Rentberry is a decentralized long-term rental platform that has been disrupting the rental industry since 2015. 


Loci's mission is to change the way the world invents and value ideas... Our goal is to become the gold standard platform that empowers inventors and promotes the effective matchmaking of ideas, capital and talent.


Trippki is a decentralized travel rewards protocol that aims to re-establish the relationship between hotels and their guests. 


RightMesh is a platform and protocol that is poised to change the way the world connects. 


Experty is a decentralized consulting platform that allows knowledge experts to be paid securely and instantly for the time they spend on a call, without third party intermediaries. 


NAU takes advantage of the growing use of mobile phones and geolocation data to connect retailers directly with their customers, through digital coupons. 


Coinlancer is an Ethereum-based freelancing platform based on a smart contract escrow system. 


FansUnite is the first blockchain-based sports betting solution that is designed to solve real problems faced by bettors in the market today. 


Giftz™ is a network for luxury loyalty tokens that are not just for the rich.  Anyone can buy, earn, develop and trade loyalty tokens in our ecosystem.